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Unnil Tholaindhein (Lost within You)
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"Meenakumari" at Sushma
Release date:28-09-2011
"Meenakumari" is a Tamil Feature film produced and directed by Murugappan. The film, entirely shot in scenic locales in Gudalur is complete. The post production, and Digital Intermediate (DI) work, which included Color Correction and Grading, was handled entirely by Sushma Multimedia. The film was edited by Mr. Narayanan, who won the Asianet Best Editor award in 2008-09.

Meenakumari is a story of a girl who gets ditched and killed by her rich and influential lover, who returns later to haunt him. Plenty of Computer Graphics (CG) and Visual Effects (VFX) adds to the entertainment. The film is all set to be sent to CBFC for censoring, and is expected to be released in a month.
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