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Sushma Multimedia is a creative house based in Chennai, India. In existence since 1994, Sushma Multimedia delivers a broad range of services in the domains of Print Media, Web Media and Multimedia.

Design and production of Print collateral, Web design & hosting, customized software development including ERPs, Corporate Presentations and Video, Television Commercials, Feature Films, Corporate Films, Documentaries and CD/DVD Replication are a few of the services delivered from under its roof. Strict adherence to quality standards and delivery schedules have made it a very successful organization..
HD Studios
HD Studios a fully owned subsidiary of Sushma Multimedia, delivers outstanding services in HD/HDV Film-making. HD Studios is fully self sufficient with HD/HDV Cameras, two edit suites for real-time loss-less editing, a dub/sound studio and a 5.1 mix facility. They enable the entire work flow of film-making to be carried out fully in-house, which includes Digital Intermediate (DI) works of precision grading, color correction, VFX and CG – all in real-time.
Sushma Multimedia looks forward to serving you and your esteemed organization in the related fields of Advertising, Multimedia, Web Design, Web Hosting and Film-making.
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